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Final Statements From the Candidates:


Elizabeth Martin – Something I’ve noticed that is a huge problem with not only the Beacon Players, but the high school theatre world in general is the drama that we aren’t keeping on the stage. One of my major goals if i were to win the election is to demolish the negativity and bullying occurring behind the curtain. I’m sure all of us know of incidents where someone has said a not-so-nice thing about another member or an advisor- whether it be outrage over the cast list or personal lives. I can name a few incidents of this happening on the spot. Somehow, we never bat an eye when these things happen and that’s not okay. We’re all guilty of judging someone or saying a mean thing about someone who should be friends with. We’re a family, we need to be kind and respectful towards each other. I hope to achieve this by being a problem solver. I pride myself in my ability to see both sides and come up with negotiations. I believe we need to stop drama and problems before they even start, and if I were to become President I’d try my absolute hardest to end this cycle of mean and problematic behavior. If you want to help end this cycle with me, please consider voting for me, Elizabeth Martin, as your President!

Lindsay Fister – Hi again beacon players! I want to thank all of you who have taken the time to read and watch our campaigns. The most important part of this vote is knowing that the organization will be in the hands of someone with dedication, time, and commitment to be on top of the little things, the big things, and everything in between. We want to be sure that the one filling the presidents spot is someone who is experienced and has a plan for everyone to thrive. as your president I plan to be a leader, a friend, and that person who you can really count on. Thank you to all who gave me your vote and remember, it’s not too late to re-vote if someones campaign changed your mind😉 I hope to see you all soon, thank you all for the endless support!!

Vice President:

Ila Harvey – Hey guys!! As you may know, I’m running for the position of Vice President for the 2020-21 school year, and I know that as an experienced member that has shown countless commitments and much hard work put into this organization already, that I can help bring us to a great year. I hope that with this year we can bring the club to be much more efficient, commutative, and united and am willing to put my dedication and responsibilities towards doing so. Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe, and if you haven’t done so yet, please vote for me (or go change your vote!) to help bring some good leadership into this club!! Looking forward to getting back together with everyone soon! – thank you, Ila 🙂

Eliza Principe – If I were elected your Vice President I would provide support in all aspects of the organization. I would help everyone, cast and crew, connect with each other and support each other. The Beacon Players couldn’t be what it is without its members. As your Vice President I would make sure every member is able to make this organization as great as it can be. 


Shepard Rodgers – As your treasurer, I would like to implement a more accessible and prominent way for supporters of our organization to contribute, possibly using social media to promote such a feature. There is a variety of ways in which we can set this up, but I think the donation system we have now is somewhat lacking and more difficult to navigate than it needs to be. It is also important that we make sure people know such a system exists through the use of social media. This could mean adding statements to the organization’s account highlighting this feature or setting the account up as a business account to allow for the linking of donations to posts. This is just one idea, but hopefully this provides some insight into what I’d like to accomplish.


Isabella Bottiglieri – Hey, everyone it’s Isabella. As I’m sure you know by now I am running for Secretary. This is my final message to you all and I would love to have had your vote! If I do become secretary I promise I will not let you down. Whatever I may do while in office I always will perform to the best of my ability whether it is recruiting new members, maintaining organization information, and so much more. I will make sure everyone has a voice and gets their idea shared. Everyone deserves an opportunity. I want to be there for everyone in The Beacon Players every step of the way. Thank you for this opportunity!


  1. What would you do as an Officer to SPECIFICALLY  attract new people,  please give actual ideas and how you would implement and when ?
    1. For Cast
    2. For Crew
  2. How would you better communicate to everyone in the organization REMIND doesn’t work?
  3. Can we have a Theme Song Contest and how would you plan it?


Shepard Rodgers

1. To bring new members to the organization, social media is a powerful tool that I think needs to be utilized. We should encourage current members to post and publicize on social media whether that involves sharing a bit of the creative process of our shows or just putting the message out there that we would like anyone interested in joining the organization to do so. This method is also viable during the pandemic as it doesn’t require face to face interaction. Another way that we could bring in new members is by holding events to familiarize potential members with our organization and how we operate or having a presence at other school events such as band and chorus concerts. These methods can be used to recruit both cast and crew.
2. Concerning communication, since everybody may not be actively utilizing remind, we should establish a secondary form of communication that could be used for messages that are deemed more important or urgent. This could be in the form of sending out an email to all members of the organization or communicating things to everybody in person at rehearsals. We could add short meetings to the calendar preceding or following rehearsal times if there is a topic that needs to be discussed. One possible upside of this quarantine could be that we have become more adept at using online tools for communication and completion of tasks. Hopefully this sticks with us going forwards, as it could make getting a message across online a bit easier.
3. Holding a theme song contest is an interesting idea, though I think we should think about it a bit before jumping into it. While it could be a fun activity and something to raise the spirits of the organization, would it benefit us and how would we implement the theme song once we have one chosen? I would also be interested in what we would want to include in the song and whether we would need to agree on some things before starting the competition. Nevertheless, I am not entirely against the idea, and I think that there are ways to navigate these concerns such as discussing theme song content and use prior to the contest. 

Lindsay Fister submitted a video in response


Elizabeth Martin

1a) For cast, I’d love to attract new people by perhaps putting out more videos of our rehearsals and shows onto social media and YouTube. Maybe even a weekly vlog, where we record the process that goes into making our shows without revealing too much. I think we should also talk about the characters they play in the shows, I know SpackonStage’s instagram has a thing they do where they post about the main characters , who’s playing them, and what the character is like. Maybe something similar?

1b)For crew, I’ve been working hard to recruit new members by asking friends. However, I think we need to let our crew have the spotlight sometimes by posting more about our process. Maybe some sneak peak posts into minor set pieces, a segment of the lights sequence, talking about certain props, posting pictures of our crew members hard at work.. Anything that shows off our hard work!

2) If REMIND were to not work, I’d be able to communicate with most people since I have their socials and numbers- however with the people I don’t, I’d make sure to contact the advisors and ask them to spread the word. I’d also try and see if I can stop people in the hallways at school and let them know the information.

3) A theme song contest is a great idea! I think in order to plan it, we should utilize Google Forms. We can take nominations through it, approve of it to make sure they’re not too crude, offensive, or derogatory and then post them for voting. Of course whichever with the most votes would win. Or, we (advisors and officers) can choose possible nominations and then post those for voting. Whichever works best! I think the announcement should be at a break during rehearsal where we can all enjoy some snacks for an hour or so before getting back to work. Or possibly a party of its own, where maybe we can play some theatre-related games and enjoy some food and drinks. 

Ila Harvey

  1. When it comes to getting new members, a huge part of the process is publicity, which I’ve been exposed to, and know what works and what doesn’t from my time as publicity co-manager for this organization. When it comes to getting the word out, posts, videos, meeting the members, targeting friend groups, character spotlights and advertising are all things that we HAVE done in the past. Yes those things are beneficial but i believe that officers should always try to improve the organization more than it already is. With this said, I do think there are further steps we can take as a whole to grow the organization. 

1a)  For cast, while advertising during the show process is important for club awareness and for ticket sales, it’s important to target the time periods of before auditions and right after a fall show has ended to gain new cast members since people cannot join cast while a show is in progress. We could have a specific “bring a friend” night for summer workshops as well as sending the officers to go and speak with classes such as chorus class, band, and music theory the first weeks of school  because those students are musically inclined. Also, more publicizing of an alternative option of auditioning “dance only” could encourage those who are good dancers or even too shy to sing step up and audition which would help grow us as a whole and could even make our cast stronger in a dancing aspect. 

1b) For crews, gaining new members is very important this year since we are losing lots of valuable crew members as seniors. To recruit new crew members, it’s important for those interested to know the aspects and options of the different crews we have to offer. With that said, besides just having a musical performance at freshman orientation at the end of summer, I think that the crew-chiefs should be allowed to make a short speech or even a presentation of some of their work to the incoming freshman. Also, it’s never too late to gain crew members so while the show process is going on, I would encourage more postings of crew work and also contact the different elective classes that deal with art, theatre production, and stem classes to see if the crew-chiefs could talk to the class or give a small presentation since the kids who signed up for those classes are already interested in aspects that make up our crews. 

  1. To better communicate with everyone in the organization, I do believe we should not have to rely on reminders in the first place since it is not always effective and also not personal. As Vice President I would love for the organization to have more and better organized regular group meetings whether it be on a certain night every week around 8:45pm before we leave for the night, or on a Saturday, either in the library or the seats of the theater. This will not only allow us to get some news out, but receive open feedback. It is important that we remember this organization as a whole and a family where cast and crews are all working together and I think we can improve on this aspect by doing these in person gatherings of the whole club and it’s important that we think as a whole. 
  1. When it comes to a theme song contest, I know that all the other candidates said yes to doing so but I believe that that is something that the organization would have to determine interest in as a whole since it would represent the club entirely. In order to do so we could cast an open vote to see if it’s even something members would want to have, since officers should definitely consider the voices of members within the club. We also have to consider that doing something such as a theme song could have mixed messages such as perceiving the club as a closed group, possibly driving away any new members.

Isabella Bottiglieri

1A.) To attract new cast members I would start off with doing a performance for the students of Rombout during the school year. While these kids are not in high school yet, this performance very well may get them interested in joining when they do get up here. To attract new members in the High-School though I would do a performance during the school-day again to try and get them interested in joining the organization. We could perform a few songs and/or scenes from previous shows. Finally, we could also do a few summer workshops demonstrating what we do and what we are all about in August for anyone interested in joining so they can get a feel for what it is like being in the Beacon Players.

1B.) To attract new crew members I would start off with highlighting the crews more. I would show everyone what they are all about at assemblies like the freshman orientation and more and get the head of each crew to talk about what their crew is all about to get people interested. Also, I would organize informational meetings scheduled at the beginning of each school-year for anyone who wants to join a specific crew. At the performance for Rombout that I mentioned above the crews could introduce themselves. Finally, at the summer workshops in August that I also mentioned above for anyone interested the crews could run their own areas for anyone interested and illustrate what being in a crew is like so they can get a feel for it. 

2.) If Remind did not work I would better communicate with the organization through the website and/or a group chat on another messaging site. For the website if it is possible we could have a messaging system set up (different from communications) where you can message back and forth. If this is not possible we could use an app similar to Remind where huge announcements can be made. I can currently looking into app for this that will work the same way Remind does. My third idea would be to create a google-hangout chat. All you need to make one is everyone’s e-mails. Then we have a chat where you can make announcements and everyone can easily chat back and forth and announcements can be made.  
3.) Yes, I do think we could have a theme song contest. I would plan it as follows. We could set aside a day to do this. Everyone in the organization if they wish would be able to submit a song they think would fit as a theme song. Then we could have a panel of judges to vote. I was personally thinking about 3-5 judges. They would listen to every song and give feedback on them in front of everyone. Then they would choose one song to win the contest. Another idea is that the judges would each pick a song they liked and the rest of the organization (minus the people who submitted the songs) would take over and vote on which song they liked as to include everyone.

Eliza Principe

  1. My main idea to attract new members is to have another Meet the Members style event in between the fall and spring shows, assuming we are able to have a fall and spring show. We do a lot of recruiting during the summer and the beginning of the school year but we don’t put as much effort in once the school year kicks off. Another recruiting event after the fall show reminds students that they can join at any time during the year. I think the best way to implement this would be to hold it in conjunction with the workshop we usually have for our spring show. 
  2. Remind members how easy it is to ignore REMIND notifications. Especially now, it’s easy for a message on REMIND to get lost in all our notifications from teachers. There is a certain amount of personal agency required to keep updated with the organization that too many people aren’t taking. 
  3. If enough members were interested then yes! This event would require submissions of potential theme songs from other members, preferably audio. These submissions could then be posted on the website or sent on remind for members to listen to and vote on, probably with a ballot similar to the one we are using now. 

Camille Pahucki

1. If I were an officer, in order to attract new people, I would definitely have fundraisers and continue doing events such as the Ice Cream social we do every year. Some new things I would do are assemblies of some sort, but maybe we can offer it during lunch periods and make it optional to come, so people interested could see us perform and sign up as members. Another performance type thing we should do is have some members volunteer to represent us at the talent show and lip sync battle, so we can show off how talented and fun being a Beacon Player is. I also think that in order to attract more members, we should have more of a presence on social media platforms and could show people how tech-savvy and awesome our organization is. Last thing, because I have too many ideas to write down lol. I think it would be really cool to have Seniors and Juniors assigned to help new members, especially freshman, to show them the ropes and how this organization works. This could be used for cast and crew.

 2. We should still use Remind for some announcements, but I think everyone should be involved in a group text or email group. It should be divided as we have now with most crews but for the cast, we could have them in groups of 6 or 7, so we can make sure everyone is informed. It may seem more complicated than using Remind, but my reasoning is that people could chat also, besides distribute information.

3. I am not sure what a Theme Song Contest is, but I am sure that it would be fun if we did that. In order to pull that off though, we should have a group of people who plan these events and fundraisers, which we already sort of have.


New Statements From the Candidates

A New Message from Elizabeth Martin:

Hello everyone, It’s Liz. As many of you know, I am running for president of the Beacon Players. I believe I am qualified because I’m a good problem solver and have many great ideas- including how to recruit members. Many of our members are graduating this year, unfortunately. If we do not work hard to recruit members, we will be understaffed. If you know anyone who has a passion for not only singing and acting, but painting, building, creating, sewing, or anything generally creative and artistic, please suggest looking into joining any crews! I have convinced a few of my friends to join by talking about my positive experience (including how good it looks on college applications!!) and I know they love working with the Beacon Players as much as I do. Also, who doesn’t love working with friends? Remember, we’re not only a fantastic creative outlet- we are a family. We have all made so many amazing friends, and so have the people I’ve convinced to join. Recruiting is not a one-man job- we all need to work hard. Over these next few months, I will make sure to be working towards recruiting new members (including younger siblings, harass them too!!) and overall trying to work with our administrators and advisors in order to make the Beacon Players the best that it could ever possibly be- I hope you all join me. So please consider voting for me, Elizabeth Martin, to be your president. I am a hard worker and a great representative for all of us! Officers allow us to function as an official NYS club. Help the organization to continue and lead the Beacon Players to even greater successes in 2020/2021.

A New Message from Isabella Bottiglieri

Hello, everyone. As many of you know my name is Isabella and I am running for Secretary! As I’ve stated before I believe that I am a good fit for this particular job because I am extremely organized and great at maintaining and keeping track of information that is needed. I will be storing all information in a binder and/or in files on a computer or tablet so it is all kept together so I can find it remarkably fast when it is required. It is guaranteed that I will have the answer to any question that an individual asks me. I am more then prepared to devote as much time as needed to my position as I know it is very important to the successful running of this club as all roles are. Beyond my position though I am passionate about this organization. I am so proud to be apart of it. The Beacon Players has opened so many doors for me and I believe that everyone should have that opportunity. Before joining I had heard from many people that musical theater groups are like family and this organization has proved that for me. I will help this club in a very positive manner and I promise you all that I will work to the best of my ability. With all that being said, if you will have me, I am more then willing to rise to the occasion. Please consider voting me, Isabella Bottiglieri for Secretary, I promise you that I will not let you down. Thank you for this opportunity!


Candidates Statements:


Elizabeth Martin – Art Crew

“Hi, I’m Liz, you may know me from the art crew! I am running for President of the Beacon Players because not only do I love this organization and have great leadership qualities, such as my delegation and listening skills, but because I think it’s important for crew members to be involved with running the BP. We’re over half of the organization but we have little say in the big, important aspects like marketing, management, and awareness. We have the opportunity to assert our importance- let’s take those steps to show our value. Please consider me as your President when voting-you won’t regret it!”

Thank you so much for this opportunity!


Lindsay Fister – Cast – Hey beacon players! As many of you know, i’m Lindsay! Running for president has been a dream of mine since I first joined in the 5th grade!! I’ve been a part in almost every aspect of the organization including cast, publicity, and house/prop crew, and I know how to include everyone’s views. My commitment to the beacon players is top tier. I’m used to running meetings, contacting the press, interviewing, and having fun. People join to have fun, and as president I plan to get everyone involved with the official side of the club as well as encouraging you to do what you came here for. With me as your president my goal is to finally get us all together. Cast and crew. we are one family and having me as your president will strengthen our organization! I am and will continue to be open for ANYTHING any member needs whether it’s a suggestion, complaint, idea, or just to talk. As president I will use the advantage that I AM one of you. There can be no Beacon Players without a solid core and I plan to be that for all of you. There are only 2 beings of nature in this world… and once i’m your president you will all finally see the heart and dedication I put into this club. I miss you all, and I’m looking forward to the 20-21 season with all of you!!!! Thank you!


Ila Harvey – Cast – As Vice President I believe I could bring a lot to the organization as a whole. With this being not only my senior year, but the 6th year as a beacon player since joining in 7th, I’ve watched the organization grow and change over the years and have sat in on many officer meetings over the last two years due to the publicity team. Because of this I understand the responsibilities the officers must take on and what the organization needs to in order to keep our successes, and what could be changed to improve in the future. As far as membership goes, I believe that both cast and crew could always use more members and we can gain them by more publicizing and interactions in school to spread the word, and also on our parts making sure that the Beacon Players gets stronger as 1 unit to ensure our club is a family. I know I have the commitment and time for this position and would love to put in the hard work to give back to the organization. Thank you!


Eliza Principe – Cast– an officer this year was a very fulfilling experience that I’d love to continue doing next year as I know I can handle the responsibility that comes with being an officer. We’ve experienced a lot of change these past months and I want to help the organization adapt to these changes and any more that will arise. I want help make sure the Beacon Players is able to be the wonderful environment I have loved all these years for future members. One way to encourage new membership would be to highlight the crew more. In the past, we’ve done performances at assemblies and handed out fliers to attract new members which, while we do mention the entire organization, mainly attracts new cast. A lot of people I’ve talked to about joining the club have told me that they didn’t want to perform and weren’t aware of the majority of the crews until I had explained it to them. Especially since most new members from this year are new crew members I think it would benefit the organization immensely to place more light on the crew when trying to encourage new members to join. 


Camille Pahucki – Costume Crew – A secretary helps the club function, devotes sufficient time each week, is thoroughly organized and will do whatever is required to hold information and different reports. I am very detail-oriented and passionate about this organization, so I believe I have what it takes to be an amazing secretary. Whenever information is needed from me, there is no doubt that I will have it and probably have even more information than needed. I know that I can be trusted to maintain all the club records, provide copies to all officers, and post off the website. 


Isabella Bottiglieri – Cast – Hi, I’m Isabella, I’m a cast member and was formerly in costume crew! I joined The Beacon Players this past year and it has opened so many doors for me that I never thought possible. This club has truly made me so happy. I am running for secretary because I feel as if I am exceptionally organized along with being great at maintaining and keeping track of information needed. Whenever you ask me a question I will for sure have the answer you need! I completely understand that as secretary I would have to donate a good amount of time to my role and I am more then ready to rise to the occasion if you vote for me. With that being said please consider voting me for me. I promise you I will be a great addition if you will have me as your Secretary!



Shepard Rodgers – Cast – Hey, everyone! I will be running for treasurer in the upcoming school year. I have seen the Beacon Players evolve and change as an organization during my time as a member. This is my 5th year as a Beacon Player, as I originally joined as a youth cast member. I am looking forward to the possibility of spending my 6th year as a member of the organization’s office. I hope to help us accomplish any endeavors and projects that we undertake. As treasurer, I plan to fulfill my duty by doing whatever necessary to strengthen the organization’s financial position and to maintain necessary records and reports concerning the club’s financial standing. As a generally organized person with an orderly mind and methodical way of thinking, this is a position I am well equipped to handle. I plan to make full use of these characteristics during my time in office. I hope to be able to help out and give back to the organization by taking on this task! Thanks!”

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