Posted by on May 30, 2020

First let me say that all our candidates all did a great job in a very difficult and tight campaign.

Congratulations all

President – Lindsay Fister
Co-Vice Presidents – TIE  – Eliza Principe, Ila Harvey
Secretary – Camille Pahucki
Treasurer – Shepard Rodgers
*Secretary for the Crew – Elizabeth Martin
*Secretary  for the Cast – Isabella Bottiglieri

*The above two positions will act as liaisons, they will be Beacon Players Board members and along with Officers  help develop communications, they will work together to bridge the gap between  groups as they indicated in their statements. These roles will be conduits for information to the Crews and the Cast and will follow up to make sure that information is correctly disseminated  and understood by all, more to come and to be discussed on these newly developed roles.

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