2022/2023. Officer Election Results

The 2022/2023 Officers are:

  • President – Jonah Mensch
  • Vice President – Nathaniel Ramos
  • Secretary – Audrey Lewis
  • Treasurer – Laney Ebeling


Jonah Mensch – President – Incumbent 

The past certainly is prologue. After the year we, the Beacon Players, have had, the only logical next step is to build on that success, that togetherness, and that rewarding feeling we live in after our season’s conclusion. My English teacher recently showed me a poem one of her other students wrote after coming to see Holiday Inn; I wish you could all read it so you would know just how much of an impact we make on our audience. Last year, after the conclusion of RENT, when my fellow officers and I were elected, it truly felt like a new beginning. The waning of past troubles and the promise on the horizon gave us the opportunity to build the organization from the ground up, and I can’t begin to thank every officer and member alike for participating in the beginning of our “regrouping”. Still, I don’t believe my job is finished.

Some (such as I a couple of months ago) may think that after such a blockbuster as Into the Woods was, we have reached a peak of sorts. I tend to disagree, as I still see us as a rising group with a massive amount of potential. It is not often that a drama organization such as ours sees such a capable group of performers with such balanced numbers pertaining to who can play who. Not to mention such a handy and creative conglomerate of crews that seems to grow in number every day. Remember, we have the opportunity to gain some talented freshmen in the next year, and you never know what “newcomers” could bless our team from out of the woodwork. My point is, we have strength in numbers in a way we have never truly seen before, which makes for some exciting possibilities. I intend to navigate this seemingly complicated puzzle in the fairest way possible that also showcases our immense talent to our audiences. There is much to consider when choosing a show, and I was extremely pleased to hear the common compliment from our audience that either Holiday Inn or Into the Woods was the “perfect show for us”. But pleased does not mean satisfied, and I understand that that sentiment may not have been widespread throughout our company, which is why I am holding this year’s selection committee and myself to a higher standard that can get us ever-closer to the equilibrium of our needs and our wants, and I don’t want that standard to stop there.

The “new beginning” I referenced really meant a new beginning, in terms of how things were run, how we achieved our goals, and overall how we conducted our business. The truth is, last year was a lot of business, and I want to transition the focus even further into the togetherness that I still believe we found along the way. Still, the truism persists that “the child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth”, and the fact remains that we are one company, cast and crew, whose combined efforts are what makes a spectacular show. One thing I have always admired about theatre as a community is how heterogeneous it was allowed to be; we’ve seen all types of people walk through those double doors. At the same time, we are all united by a common factor, that is the theatre itself, and that increased unity is what will really elevate us as a group and increase our incline towards that peak. An idea that the business of last year got in the way of was Beacon Players town halls in which any and every member can engage in a discussion that clarifies our position in the production or any other related notion. I pride myself on my approachability to younger members and mainstays alike and I hope that continues or is opened up even further.

After six years as a part of this organization before my Senior year, I believe I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Beacon Players. And – in my humble opinion – I believe last year was one of the best years this organization has ever seen. We tackled a dance show without many proclaimed dancers, we tackled Sondheim with a cast that included multiple first-time performers, and we had fun while doing it. The truth is, I felt community with all of you, and even more, I felt proud of all of you. I hope you re-elect me as President so we can continue our ascension.

Max Goodhill – Cabdidate for President 

Hello, my name is Max Goodhill, and I am running for president of the Beacon Players. Previously, I acted as co-treasurer among the officers of 2021-2022. I now want to branch out and help improve the general appeal and morale of The Beacon Players. Previously, as treasurer, I helped advise show selections and performed other duties (e.g., signing important documents relating to finances and counting money). Aside from my role as treasurer, I also helped draft the logo we have today.

As president, however, I would like to do so much more.

Who do I think the Beacon Players are? The Beacon Players are two things; first, they are a community of tight-knit relationships aiming to put on extravagant performances for friends and family. Second, I imagine the Beacon Players as a massive clock, where every cast and crew member is a cog, making the organization function and grow stronger. While there are so many gears, each one must be treated with the same level of respect. The key word here is respect, for it should not matter if you are on stage performing or backstage helping someone put on a wedding dress. Whether you are directing, acting, or building, everyone deserves respect.

We must not forget that the Beacon Players is both a club and a business. Furthermore, it is a community that must balance both work and play, as well as maintain a general level of seriousness. Putting on a good show is essential; not taking this aspect seriously could harm the Beacon Players because it dissuades current players and interested students from joining the cast. Therefore, it is also important to have every member feel engaged and included. 

As president, I would also push for clearer schedules so that people will not be unnecessarily called (nobody likes sitting in the audience while everyone is blocking). Although this issue has been mitigated in the past couple of years, a stronger push for a more accurate schedule is in order. 

Another vision I have is to implement more videos for the Beacon Players. For example, it would be great to execute more behind-the-scenes footage, like the one made by the legendary Liam Byrne for Rent. Also, utilizing videos for promotion or as fun side projects could be interesting. 

I also feel that the Beacon Players should always keep both musicals AND plays in mind. Specifically, maintaining a musical -> play -> musical annual schedule. This rotation introduces both variety and breadth to the participants and audience. However, if trying to put on a play takes away from the two seasonal musicals (i.e., too time-consuming), then the play should be deemed unnecessary. An example of this occurrence is when The Laramie Project was postponed. 

Finally, the Beacon Players have the opportunity to have themed events. For many players, it may be hard to see each other outside of rehearsals. Therefore, having social events can allow students to talk outside of the rigorous dancing, singing, painting, building, and acting of rehearsal. As well as this, I want to bring back performances as a part of the Awards Ceremony if people a part of the organization are willing to perform.

Ultimately, we all have our part to play to make the Beacon Players the best it can be and that is why I believe that you should vote Max Goodhill for President of the Beacon Players.

Thank you for reading. This is Max

Shepard Rodgers – Candidate for President 

The past year has been a period of both transition and continuity for the Beacon Players. We changed the face of our organization with a new logo, new members, and new ideas. Our alumni show, All Together Now!, brought together a Beacon Players community ranging back over a decade, and our newly formed publicity team worked to broadcast our accomplishments to a larger audience than was previously unreachable. At the same time, we have maintained spectacular cast and crews that were able to execute yet another amazing season of theater, also continuing our play search committee. This being my third season running for office, I have had the privilege of overseeing our return from social distancing and outdoor productions to full-scale indoor shows such as Into the Woods, a monumental achievement considering the challenges posed by the past two years. My range of experience, including two officer roles (treasurer and vice president) and seven years as a Beacon Player, have informed my decision to run for president. I have seen this organization vary in its membership and observed how a variety of viewpoints can strengthen our operation. Balanced with mainstays such as Mr. Scarrone and our other advisors, these viewpoints allow us to build on our approach to constructing a show and adapt as a whole. It is for this reason that I intend to give a voice to every Beacon Player in order to foster a collaborative environment that everyone will benefit from. I also hope to maintain and expand our community involvement through local Beacon events. Not only do these events help with publicity, but they are an enjoyable break from the scheduled chaos of rehearsals. We are the Beacon Players after all, and local participation allows us to directly connect with the Beacon community, both within and outside of the school itself. I hope that you, too, can appreciate the importance of providing recognition to all our organization’s members and that you will elect a team of officers capable of pursuing this goal. I believe we have many capable people in our organization who would do an excellent job in this undertaking, and I am honored to be in the running for this position. 

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Shepard Rodgers

Message to the voters: 

Giving you a voice, whether veteran, new, cast, or crew

Nathaniel Ramos – Candidate for Vice President, Incumbent

    I am Nathaniel Ramos and I am asking you to re-elect me as your Vice President.

   The beacon players means a lot to me. I have been a member since I was in the 5th grade and have really gotten the chance to see the club grow. It has not always been the great experience that it is now. There were times when I felt like an outcast, or less than my peers. There have been times when the organization felt so competitive that I personally lost sight of the fun. But this just fuels my passion for the Beacon Players. I know how great the organization can be, and is. 

     I truly believe that in the past year me and my fellow officers have successfully created a safe and comfortable environment that welcomes absolutely everyone. Where it’s not a competition but a safe outlet for members to express themselves by doing things that they love. 

      Over the past year as an officer, I have brought in several new members, helped to choose shows that could well represent the diverse organization that we have, I worked on choreography as your dance captain and student choreographer, and overall pushed myself to listen to the needs and wants of my fellow beacon players. If re-elected, I promise to continue listening to the organization. There is always a need for an unbiased ear and I strive to be that. Any concern that any member of the organization has is a valid concern and I think that as an officer it is and would be my job to acknowledge that concern and help fix the problem. 

       I believe in the organization and I believe in my ability to continue serving as your Vice President. At the end of the day I chose to run, and am choosing to run again because I love performing, and I believe that everyone deserves a space to perform that they feel safe, and comfortable in. 

Thank you so much for your time. 

Shine on and slay away. 


Ev Moreno – Candidate for Vice President 

When you think of a Vice-President, what characteristics do you associate them with? Is it how they handle the responsibilities that come with it? How approachable they can possibly be? Or is it how well they can manage communicative skills? It could certainly be all of those. Once I looked at the criteria of being Vice-President, a smile painted my face.Without a doubt, I qualify for Vice-President above all other candidates. 

As Vice-President, it is imperative to be responsible and flexible when obtaining the officer role. This trait thrives in working with the President of the club. I can atone for any issue that comes my way and work diligently to solve a problem or execute a goal. I will strive to be available when anyone requires me. Being timely, cooperative, and present are enormous factors of being part of the Officer Board and I am ready to be responsible for such. 

As Vice-President, being easy to talk to and approachable makes others feel much more comfortable in the presence of an Office Board member. Especially to newcomers, I am willing to put in the extra effort of checking in whenever possible and making sure all members feel included. As a leader, it is necessary to be welcoming and solacing to all members. Being a part of the Beacon Players should be fun and exciting!

My last qualifier for the role of Vice-President is my ability to be communicative, whether it be in sharing input or community-enhancing ideas. I will be inclusive to cast, crew, and officer members alike in taking into account new ideas. I believe that everyone’s thoughts and opinions have an impact on the organization, and will elicit greatness in the community. 

Everyone has something great to bring to the Beacon Players. It is my job as Vice-President to herd together these impactful characteristics of the community members to elicit extraordinary works and build a strong community. Therefore, I am an excellent candidate for the Vice-President in the Beacon Players Office. Thank you for your time and consideration. 

 Laney Ebeling –  Candidate For Treasurer 

Hello fellow Beacon players, my name is Laney Ebeling and I hope you would consider me for your treasurer. I feel that I would contribute to this organization, as I have been in crew for Holiday Inn and then cast in Into the Woods. Seeing the behind the scenes aspect of the play made me even more interested in how the play grows. One of the major components of putting on an amazing show is the fundraising. Having enough money for what you want to do is very important. If the fundraising doesn’t happen , the show won’t happen either. I love raising money for anything, creating fundraisers, or any kind of way for us to gain the profit we need. With all of the hard work that goes into these shows, we should at least have the money to follow through with the ideas. I have experienced running events and fundraisers as I was NJHS president in 8th grade; we raised a lot of money that was used towards the organization and as a team, came up with ways to follow through with our ideas . That being said, having the money and tools we need to successfully put on an amazing show isn’t the only reason I would love to be your treasurer. This was my first year being part of Beacon Players, I had watched every show and was in awe every time. To say that I am now part of an organization that inspired me as a kid is a full circle moment. Being apart of drama is more than just acting, it’s making friends that last a lifetime. I’ve made more friends and relationships here than I ever have, this organization deserves to continue and thrive. And the only way to do that is by raising money for what we want to get done. That being said, I hope you enjoyed and will consider me to be the Beacon Players Treasurer.

Anastasia Santise – Candidate for Treasurer 

I’m Anastasia Santise, currently in 9th grade and running for treasurer of the Beacon Players. I’m running for treasurer because I am good with numbers, enjoy keeping organizational records, work well with others and do not shy away from contributing to discussions. 

Growing up in a family that loves the arts, watching plays, movies and musicals has always led to discussions of how things are put together and dissecting how they are made. In my first year involved in the Beacon Players I was thrilled to watch it go from the early stages to the final production. 

I am involved in the class of 2025 planning and fundraising committee and was a member of the National Junior Honor Society, where we set up fundraisers so support projects, campaigns, and club activities. In addition to the above, I also work at Fishkill Farms where I am responsible for cash and credit card transactions, as well as maintaining inventory for various tasks. 

For these reasons I think I will be a good treasurer for the Beacon Players. 

Audrey Lewis – Candidate For Secretary

After reflecting on the six fruitful years I ́ve had the pleasure to partake in this organization, I cannot fathom that this upcoming season will be my last. However after comprehending this bittersweet notion, I’ve decided I want to do something new for my senior year. So, in honor of my final year performing as a Beacon Player, I will be trying out for a new kind of role, one quite different from the roles I have played on stage. This role would expand my presence in the organization significantly and place great responsibility on me. However, as I ́ve been in the organization for many years now and learned much from observing my predecessors, I feel I am prepared to take on this position. Which is why I’m asking all of you, my fellow members, to vote for me as Secretary of the organization.

As previously mentioned, this position holds great responsibility- responsibility which I understand is imperative for the proper functioning of the club as a whole. I also understand this position calls for sufficient organizational and communication skills. I feel that my experiences in helping to choreograph both Holiday Inn and Into the Woods has displayed my willingness to handle considerably large responsibilities in the club with maturity and efficiency. I have also handled great responsibility in using google classroom on occasion throughout the last year to communicate messages regarding the choreography in Into the Woods. If I was elected as Secretary I would utilize this maturity and efficiency when organizing and relaying important files, data, and information when necessary.

When it comes to the logistics of organizing said information I have a few small plans prepared if I was to take this position. I would create a google drive folder which would be  shared with all the officers. The contents of the folder would entail every individual typed report of each meeting. I would also utilize physical folders and binders to organize documents by their specific topics. These documents would also be stored alphabetically and ensured safety, as there would be multiple physical and digital copies. The copies of each document would be given their own folder as well, and I would make sure every physical folder and binder would be brought with me to and from each meeting. I also have access to my own personal laptop which I would gladly bring to each meeting to help fulfill these duties as Secretary.

As I conclude this message, I feel I must also address how my actions will benefit you, the voter. As your Secretary, I would make sure the voice and power I ́m given as an officer is used to promote the well being of the organization as a whole. Yet simultaneously ensuring to amplify the voices of individuals who ́s say may be overlooked in this organization. I sincerely hope that my eagerness to hold this position is apparent to you all through these words. I truly feel that this upcoming season holds great promise for our organization and I can not wait to see what it has in store! So please consider the exuberant and passionate manner I’ve expressed to you all regarding this position, and vote for me as Secretary!

Thank you for your consideration, Much love xoxo,

Audrey Lewis

Anabelle Arginsky – Candidate For Secretary

To put it plainly, I think the Beacon Players is a fantastic organization. I have been an avid fan since I was six years old, and as someone who has always loved music and dance, seeing the two used by such talented high school students to put on high-caliber productions was always exciting for me. I wanted to one day be a part of the magic, but given the fear I had of performing in front of people I didn’t know, it was more of a pipe dream. Joining the Players this year meant stepping out of my comfort zone – I only wish I had done so earlier. Now that I am here and have had a wonderful introduction, I want to learn more about the organization, and in doing so, offer my detail-oriented and organizational skills to help move the Players into another successful year.

We are lucky to have driven and responsible people who continue to run our skilled organization – I think my passion for theater, experience as both an audience and cast member, ability to record information, love for organizing, and ideas for development would be a useful addition.

To me, the Beacon Players stand out from other high school theater programs because we have a level of hard work and execution that is hard to match, but I do believe there is still room for improvement. Being a member of the cast, for even the short amount of time that I have been participating, I have become aware of the need for improved communication between the members of the cast and crews. With stronger communication across the board, I think we will see logistical benefits, as well as potentially higher morale of participants. This may make a more enticing organization for newcomers, and a stronger community overall.

The Beacon Players requires a secretary who is always present to record the information discussed at meetings, and to supply information about the club when asked. I listen carefully, and take well-organized and thorough notes, which makes me an ideal candidate. The reason I joined the organization in the first place was to participate in an activity that I enjoyed, so as an officer, my goal would be to help make the experience as exciting and worthwhile as possible for everyone. I am aware that it is not possible to please every person in our organization, so as secretary, I want to support those who have suggestions on how to improve our organization, and make the process of the show just as awesome, if not more, as the product. 

My hope is that by becoming an officer, I will be able to offer my abilities and opinions to the group while simultaneously learning more about our organization, and theater in general, building deeper connections with its members, and doing what I can to make an already thrilling experience more enjoyable for everyone involved.