Officer Roles

The following provides brief descriptions of the role each officer should assume; however, all officers should be familiar with the duties of other positions as well as their own:


The president of the Beacon Players has two responsibilities which place this officer in a paradoxical situation. First, if a club is to be successful, the president must divide the responsibility of club leadership among fellow officers and club members.

The use of delegated power is the only way to cope with large amounts of work in an efficient manner.Secondly, the president must accept ultimate responsibility for club structure. In short, the buck stops here. So, at the same time the president divides the control of the club, responsibility must also be taken for the entire club operation. Anyone who seeks the presidency should be mindful of this paradox along with several other considerations. The president must understand that to be a leader means to work with people, not to be independent of them.

Cooperation, understanding and hard work are necessary to hold a group of members together. The president must also be aware of the foundations of The Beacon Players:

The Beacon Players help others

These premises are the rules of the game, and if you are going to play the game, you must understand and abide by them. In addition, the president must set certain goals for the club and keep those goals in mind as the club progresses through the year.

Objectives of the President

  1. Lead the club to achieve its goals for the year
  2. Preside effectively at club and board meetings.
  3. Organize and direct the work for the club’s board of      directors and Crew Chiefs4. Represent the club in the community.5. Communicate club goals club members.6. Resolve conflicts within the club.

General Duties

  1. Develop all meeting agendas. Each should be reviewed with the Advisor and the Director well before the meeting.
  2. Attend all Crew meetings
  3. Lead the club in all local, other school drama club projects.
  4. Maintain a strong membership level.
  5. Develop and grow the membership.
  6. Maintain a sound financial basis.
  7. Represent the club in all community and organizational functions.

The Effective Club President

  1. Effective club presidents know where their time goes. They manage it rather than vice versa. Analyze your schedule and manage your time, so you will be productive and efficient by:
    • Identifying and eliminating irrelevant things, things no one will really miss if they go undone.
    • Deciding what you can delegate to someone else.
    • Spelling out “time wasters” such as meaningless meetings and unnecessary communications, and try to eliminate them.
  2. Effective club presidents focus on outward contribution. In other words, they concentrate on results rather than the tasks themselves. Look up from your work and out- ward toward your goals. The club president lives and acts in two dimensions: (1) preparing for the future, and (2) building for the results long before they are achieved.
  3. Effective club presidents build on strengths, their own and those of others. They acknowledge and accept their abilities and weaknesses. They are able to accept the best in others without being threatened. They help others grow by giving them opportunities and responsibilities. Feed opportunities and starve the problems
  4. Effective club presidents concentrate on the few major areas where superior performance will produce outstanding results. Set and stick to priorities.
    • Define the problem.
    • Analyze the problem
    • Develop alternative solutions
    • Decide the best solution
    • Develop and implement a strategy that will convert the best solution into action.
  5. Goals and Calendar

Vice President

The office of vice president is a highly flexible position which can be extremely valuable or practically worthless.The vice president and president must work together to ensure the value of the office. There are several guidelines which can aid in this task.

  1. The vice president must be as knowledgeable about all club activities as the president. This means both the administration of the club and the club programs. This allows the vice president to step into the office when the president is absent or unable to serve.
  2. Specific duties, e.g. chair of the Program Committee, must be assigned to the vice president immediately. Such duties may automatically be assigned to the vice president through club bylaws.
  3. The vice president must work closely with the president in defining and executing the goals of the club.
  4. The vice president can serve in a variety of positions; project chair, or committee chair.Above all, remember that if the vice president is to be of value, this person must be willing to assume any responsibility.


The secretary’s position is one of the most important in the functions of the club. As secretary, you are expected to devote sufficient time, each week, to the various details of your office. Your work is doubly important since you are a main contact with the Director and the membership.

One of the first requirements necessary is to be thoroughly familiar with the duties of your position and what is expected of you. You must be organized! It is suggested that you keep a three-ring binder, separated by tabs for the different reports and information you are required to maintain or separate files on a laptop or iPad or tablet. You will find, in a great majority of cases, when information is desired by officers, committee, or club members, the question will be directed to you as secretary.

Objectives of the Secretary

  1. Maintain all club records.
  2. Record and keep minutes of all club and board meetings and provide copies to all officers and post off the website. 
  3. Maintain all club correspondence.


In general the treasurer has two duties to fulfill. First, he or she is responsible for maintaining a constant and accurate record of all club financial transactions. Second, he or she is responsible for leading projects which will help improve the financial position of the club.The treasurer should be an effective leader and should take an active role within the club. As a member of the board, he or she should participate in the decision- making process.

The treasurer should always be in close contact with the secretary, advisor and club president and the Director. There are certain procedures which, when followed, can assist the treasurer.

  1. Activity Reports due monthly to the district and weekly at Production Meetings
  2. Keep the Director and Advisor and all others concerned in- formed of the club’s financial position.
  3. Work with the Advisor on all Receipts and Disbursements and reconciliations.

Fund Raising

  1. Develop new fund raisers for the club to consider.
  2. Track ongoing fund raisers and make progress reportsto the board.
  3. Organize volunteers to help with fund raisers.