Beacon Player’s Membership Support

Help support Beacon Players, You will help support the organization, and will be entitled to discounts on tickets to Beacon Players performances.

Becoming a Supporter is quick and easy! It allows you to make a donation to the organization, and provides you with both recognition for your support, as well as a level of discounts on tickets to our events. Membership is available at 6 levels. Membership is valid for 1 year from date of purchase. Simply click on the button below, and become a Beacon Players Supporter! Your donation helps keep Beacon Players strong, and helps us to continue bringing you great shows. Thanks for supporting Beacon Players!

Membership Support Levels Fan Club $35.00                       Theater Kid $50.00Patron $75.00Stage Manager $100.00Director $250.00Executive Producer $500.00 
Car Magnet ******
Name Recognition in the Program for Each Production *****
2 Free Tickets to Every Production for the Year  ****
Priority Access to Choose Those Seats One Week Prior To Release to the Public   ***
Reserved Parking for the Performance     *
A Show Shirt     *