“Into the Woods” Cast List

Thanks to everyone, auditions were lengthy but we were able to accommodate all. We know we always say that the decisions were difficult and in many cases they were for “Into the Woods.”

As an ensemble, this show can be our greatest yet, we will begin rehearsals shortly, please stand by as we work on our schedules.

Congratulations to everyone, All of us who were there at auditions hope that this will be a great experience for each of you.

Narrator-Messiah Gardner
Baker-Jonah Mensch
Baker’s Wife-Ayanda Nxmalo
Cinderella-Cleo Fiedler Cinderella’s Stepmother– Zoe Moreno
Florinda-Vanessa Murphy
Lucinda-Anabelle Arginsky
Cinderella’s Prince-Caleb Ullian
Rapunzel’s Prince-Shepard Rodgers
Jack-Nathaniel Ramos
Jack’s Mother-Twyla Nelson
Giant-Anastasia Santise
Witch-Audrey Lewis
Red Riding Hood-Sophia Principe
Mysterious Man-Henry Quinn
Sleeping Beauty-Taryn Beardsley Rapunzel-Laney Ebeling
Snow White – Erin Nicholson Steward-Nix Spodek
Gretel-Samantha Lopez Wolf-Max Goodhill Hansel-Kekoa Baysa Granny-Esther Clair
Cinderella’s Mother-Erin Nicholson
Cinderella’s Dad-Celestino Carrasquillo

Parent Meeting

Please join us on Saturday morning at 9 am for a Parent/Volunteer meeting in preparation for Holiday Inn!
We will discuss plans for the school Lobby and manning the booths during all three (3) performances.  If you have tickets for the show, this will not interfere.  We generally need you an hour prior and during intermission.  Set up on Friday before the show and clean up help on Sunday after the final show is also requested.  Please help us support our students and what will be a fabulous production!

Since the Thanksgiving holiday is next week and the school is out, we hoped to gather you and your ideas and share the list of items we are looking for before production week begins.
Our list includes:
    Donations of string lights    Plastic “icicles” we can string and hang    Decorations for the Winter/New Years/Valentine’s/Easter holidays
    Donations of items for the Shop to sell before and during intermission (think inexpensive holiday gifts…trinkets…show related?)    Raffle Baskets – themed     Time commitments:
   Concession booth
   Flower booth   Picture booth   Shop booth   Ushering
A SignUp email/link will be sent separately or you can sign up on Saturday. We look forward to seeing you!

Becky and Nicole

Cast and Crew Parents, Guardians Please Consider Helping Us!

We are only days away from this unprecedented event. Our current members have been working along side of our alumni to make this show/fundraiser a huge success and fun event.

Our membership is growing since we had to shut down and the excitement for this show and Holiday Inn is growing.

There are many ways that you can help… It’s easy just click on the blue button below that (11/13 HELP)

Your help with this major event would be truly appreciated. Nicole Paoli and Becky Mensch, our BPPA (Beacon Players Parent Association) Coordinators have been working very hard to make this great experience for everyone.

Please consider helping us, click on the Blue Button for signing up and for more information.

We all thank you very much.