Cue to Cue Rehearsal


2:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Event Type

Turntable /Scene Change Cue to Cue
Entire Cast – All Elementary Cast Members NOT CALLED with the exception of Gavroche, Young Cosette and Young Eponine, they ARE called


PLEASE READ –  Rehearsals that occur early in the production process are sometimes referred to as ‘run-throughs’. Typically a run-through doesn’t contain many of the technical aspects of a performance, and is primarily used to assist performers in learning dialogues and to solidify aspects of blocking and stage movement.

A Q-2-Q or ‘cue to cue’ is a type of technical rehearsal and is intended primarily for the lighting and audio technicians involved in a performance, although they are of great value to the entire ensemble. It is intended to allow the technicians and stage manager to rehearse the technical aspects of a performance – when lights have to be turned on, sound effects triggered, and items rolled on and off the stage – and identify and resolve any glitches that may arises. Performers typically do not rehearse entire scenes during a Q-2-Q, but instead only perform dialogues or actions that are used by the stage manager as a marker for when to initiate technical sequences of cues.