Posted by on September 24, 2020

Thank You for being so attentive last night, it was a good rehearsal and things will make more sense on Saturday, Amelia, Henry, Delaney, Josiah, Gabriela, please join us on Saturday.

Actors, if you missed any or part of your blocking please get the blocking from your fellow actors.

Don’t forget your assigned opening position numbers (Brooke # 13) and PLEASE memorize.

Upon arrival Saturday at 9:00 am, please report to the tent in our “theater” space and put your things at a desk.

Saturday lunch break will be socially distant in the tent, please bring your lunch or have someone bring it, we do not want anyone leaving in clusters. We MUST be very cognizant that things are not “back to normal” and that we are fortunate for this privilege. It is imperative that we are not “comfortable” so please understand. Pick up is 4:00.

Please fill out the daily questionnaire and we will do temperature checks.
Masks will be worn on Saturday and we will have breaks, bring water, obviously there will be no sharing of water, or snacks.
The calendar on the website will be completed by tonight.

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