Les Miserable Parent Information –

On January 20 (Friday) we plan on going through Act I and stopping wherever blocking is needed or there is a hole. I am hoping to minimize that blocking need this week.

We have yet to have the full compliment of our cast all together for a rehearsal at the same time.
Many of you said that your conflicts were flexible and up until now we haven’t asked but it would be great if we could start to meld as a full cast. We would like to have our entire cast present on Friday 1/20, realizing that dismissal times are different please try to get to BHS as soon as you are able.

Middle and Elementary students should bring a snack and water if they like, dinner break will be at 5:30pm and dismissal will be at 9:00pm.

If you have a commitment to “Legally Blond” and have a scheduled rehearsal, we have spoken to Kate, please communicate with her regarding that rehearsal date.