Les Miz Prop List First Pass

Delaney Brennen is creating a spread sheet that we will publish so we don’t duplicate efforts, although in so many cases multiples are needed.

Thanks so much for helping make Les Misèrables the epic show it is.

Les Mis Prop List Act I

Scene 1: In the prison at Toulon/and Valjean’s release

  1. Yellow ticket of leave for Valjean (ripped up every show) : Hall . Then print on yellow paper. 8.5×11-see attachment 
  2. Oars for prisoners- need 8-Can we make them? 
  3. wardens’ rifles: HAVE
  4. burlap sack for Valjean (also need one for Thenardier)
  5. Oldrakes/shovel,axe & brooms for farm workers:
  6. Old Axe and shovel, wooden bucket:See attachement Bundle of fire wood – easily carried, securely tied
  7. Scythe (old-fashioned)
  8. Bishop’s Silverware, goblet, platter, candlesticks (HAVE) and crucifix

Scene 2: Street outside the Workhouse

  1. Folded letter to Fantine (plus a spare)2 large baskets for workers to put aprons in (In Prop room)
  2. Coins for Foreman to toss at Fantine (HAVE?)
  3. Factory work items
  4. Sheets, Brooms,basin (tin type)9
  5. Cash box – wooden
  6. Cane for Bamatabois (fancy) See attached

Scene 3: On the Docks / Redlight District

  1. 3-4 small liquor bottles for Ladies: 
  2. 2 larger liquor bottles for sailors: 
  3. Cigars, 3 cigarette holders (9 cigarettes)
  4. Coins to pay Fantine
  5. Large scissors for hair (Upholstery Type}
  6. locket on chain Fantine sells (Rachel N. Should bring in a necklace)
  7. constable accoutrement (Night sticks 3)
  8. Crucifix , candles at hospital: 4 tall white tapers
  9. Valjean’s weapon at hospital
  10. Chain (thick)
  11. Chair with a “Breakable leg”. Magnetic? This will need to be
  12. Old fashioned smaller broom for Little Cosette
  13. Knotted-rag/rope crude doll for Little Cosette
  14. Wood water bucket for Cosette: 

Scene 4: The Inn

  1. Small  moneybag for Thenardier
  2. Several small tables and chairs ( See photos)
  3. Tally slate on a string for Master Thenardier
  4. Crude dishes, tankards for the Inn
  5. Pewter type items for tables 
  6. Watches for the Thenardiers to pick-pocket
  7. Wallets for the Thenardiers to pick-pocket
  8. Coins for the Thenardiers to pick-pocket
  9. Moneybags for the Thenardiers to pick-pocket
  10. Spectacles for the Thenardiers to pick-pocket
  11. Top hats for the Thenardiers to pick-pocket
  12. Small suitcase
  13. Large folding wallet and paper money for Valjean
  14. Old fashioned bird cage: 
  15. Yellow artificial canary
  16. Animal parts for plate near meat grinder
  17. We will need fresh meats for the grinder for each day of the show (liver works best, I know it’s disgusting but we have to deal with it)
  18. Meat grinder (HAVE)
  19. Large meat knife (old)
  20. French Bagette
  21. Metal, pewter banged up pitchers
  22. Bar type serving trays
  23. Large wine jug w/ wicker jacket
  24. 10;Wine bottles-mismatched: Preferably green
  25. Satchel for Val Jean

Scene 7: Streets of Paris

  1. Beautiful large doll dressed in white (to be taken out of satchel-HAVE)
  2. Fake vegetables
  3. Flowers in baskets: 
  4. 20 burlap sacks differ in size would be wonderful
  5. Old fashioned brooms
  6. Wood bucket
  7. Flower baskets
  8. Vegetable baskets
  9. Litter on the streets
  10. Items for pickpockets to steal
  11. Large needle and piece of dark fabric for a seamstres

Scene 8: ABC Café

  1. Mugs/Cups and wine bottles- mis-matched (practical): HAVE SOME MUGS
  2. Maps (period)
  3. Red flag: 
  4. Red cotton type fabric
  5. Torches (practical, battery-operated)

Scene 11: Finale, Act I. “One Day More”

  1. Valjean’s candlesticks, candles, crucifix: see above 
  2. Rifles, guns need to be altered for time strap: HAVE
  3. Burlap sack for Thenardier (also need one for Valjean)
  4. Torches (again practical, battery-operated): 
  5. 6 red flags, approx. 3’x4’ (Match the color red of the large flag on the barricade)
  6. Large Blue, Red, White flag see photos of this 

Act II

Scene 3: At the Barricade

  1. Letter from Marius to Valjean via Eponine (We need to write this on a nice paper and have 2 backups)
  2. Coin for Valjean to hand to Eponine
  3. Hand-held candle for Valjean 
  4. 2 Clean water spray bottles (off-stage)
  5. 3′ Rope to tie up Javert
  6. Large pocket knife for Valjean
  7. Red flags from above
  8. 3 Wine bottles and 10 cups to pass around
  9. Candles: remote controlled fake flame
  10. 2 Baskets of bread
  11. Bullet molds
  12. Ammo belts for Gavroche to grab from dead bodies
  13. 3 or 4 blankets – dark or grey or brown or green or rust
  14. Small “gunpowder” barrel
  15. Rifles, guns: HAVE SOME
  16. Votive candles for Turning women – 1 for each student killed same as above?

Scene 7: The Wedding

  1. 2 white LONG  table cloths USE SUPERSTAR CLOTH CUT
  2. White/PinkGarland to hang 
  3. Marius’ ring for Thenardier to show to Marius
  4. Paper money for Marius to throw at Thenardier
  5. Silver serving dishes, platters, teacups, silverware, candlesticks (some for Thenardier’s to steal)
  6. Large champagne glasses: HAVE SOME 
  7. Fake and real food and drink on the table, punchbowl, wedding style stuff, must all be portable 
  8. Silver punch bowl
  9. 10 large White Taper Candles, HAVE
  10. Large Major-Domo scepter-cane 
  11. White “glass” item for Mme T to appear to break 
  12. Epilogue- Valjean’s candlesticks, candles, crucifix: CANDLES
  13. Epilogue – Letter of confession for Valjean (Zach B. You need to write this and have 2