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Join Us – No One is Ever Turned Away

If you have any questions, please email us at There are great plans in the works for the 2032/2024 school year but we will continue to be strong and safe together and will provide the best program ever. Students of all grades at Beacon High School are encouraged to join the Beacon Players. There are numerous technical crews and performance groups that you can join.


As a cast member you’re part of the team that’s seen most directly – so that means acting, singing, dancing and maybe flying a little. It’s just as physical as any of the other activities going on with a show, except you get to wear the fancier clothing. It’s demanding – rehearsals are not to be missed and make no mistake, it’s the best thing that will take over your life.

Technical Crews

Stage Manager

The Stage Manager works in tandem with the Director in rehearsal, recording the blocking and seeing that cast members stay on script, have necessary props, and follow the staging. As the lighting, sound and set change cues are developed, the stage manager meticulously records the timing of each as it relates to the script and other aspects of the performance. All notes are maintained in a prompt book which contains all cues, technical notes, blocking and other information pertinent to the show. During the show the Stage Manager essentially takes control, calling the cues for all transitions, as well as being responsible for communication between the director, actors and back stage crew.

Assistant Director

Assists the Director and Stage Manager in rehearsals prior to performances. Duties may include following along in the script to assist with cues, collecting and organizing paperwork from actors, assisting with timing acts or segments of the play to assist the Director with adjusting pacing, helping get items needed by the Director or Stage Manager, etc.

Set Design / Build

Work with the director to develop visual concept via images and sketching. Refine the details relative to stage, lighting, scene changes, time and budget. Next you’ll work on the technical details: how to build, and then migrate into that phase so you’ll see concept go into reality. This full design / build process is important in developing a sense of what’s possible as you approach design in the next production.

Under the direction of the Advisor. Uses power tools to build, and assemble all scenic elements of the set (i.e. Flats[walls], platforms, doors etc.), props etc. May also be on one of the other running crews for the performances of the show.

Art Crew/Scenic Painter

Elizabeth Martin ~ Art Crew Chief

Under the direction of the Advisor, brings the set to life by painting, staging and decorating. Art Crew may aide prop crew and set crew at times in implementing the Director’s visions. Uses many faux and realistic techniques to create the environment required for the show. Keeps all of the art supplies organized and ready for projects. May also be on one of the other running crews for the performances of the show.

Costume Crew

Assists the Costume Designer(s) with all aspects of costuming the show. This may involve cleaning and organizing in the costume storage area, assisting with moving costumes in and out of the storage area for each show, assisting with distribution of costume pieces and return of costume pieces from the actors ensuring that all costume pieces are accounted for and in good working order at the end of each show, assisting actors with any required quick changes either on or near the stage and any other costume related needs of the show.

Make-up Crew

Assists Make-up Designer(s) with all aspects of make-up and hair for the show. Duties may include applying make-up, styling hair, assisting with keeping the make-up area and application tools clean and in good working order, assisting with any make-up and or hair/wig changes during the show and any other make-up related needs of the show.

Marketing & Special Events Team

Working with our Publicity and Marketing Managers to review our plan and assist. A carefully written marketing plan gives us a roadmap for finding ways to keep filling the seats of our theater. Assist and execute Marketing ideas for publicity and advertising. Create and implement some fun special events along with our shows, some events have been our Princess Luncheons (Aladdin) Library and Senior Residence visits, Spirit of Beacon Day Parades

Lighting Crew

The Lighting Crew is responsible for operating the light board during all performances. Performs daily light checks at the beginning of all technical rehearsals and performance call times to ensure that all lighting equipment is working properly. May participate in hanging and focusing lights for show. Responsible for keeping the lighting side of the control booth clean and organized. Helps address any lighting problems that might occur during a performance. May participate in hanging and focusing lights for show.

Lighting designers in the theater create the light plot or outline for a show. They create a lighting design that will properly showcase the performers and the setting, varying the design throughout the production to meet the action on stage. Lighting designers typically do not manage the lights during the show. Instead, they draft the cue sheet that an electrician should follow during the course of a production. Lighting designers in the performing arts typically either work independently on separate productions or as part of a particular theater or theater group.

Sound Crew

With our new sound board and iPad technology learn the latest in sound technology. Assists the Sound Board Operator with the sound board during all performances. Responsible for keeping the sound side of the control booth clean and organized. Helps address any sound problems that might occur during a performance.

As a Spound Designer, you would prepares all necessary sounds (music, sound effects, background etc.) for the show including any required pre-show, intermission or post show music mixes. Responsible for operating the sound board during all performances. This includes all microphones, CD players, computers etc. required to provide sound for the show. Performs daily sound checks at the beginning of all technical rehearsals.and performance call times to ensure that all sound equipment is operating properly.

Property Master and Property Crew

Build, make or acquire any needed props for the production. During performances, the Prop Master is in charge of the prop table(s), making sure it is organized and all props are accounted for and in working order. Must check all props at the beginning of call-time and after every performance. Works with Prop Master with all props during all performances and rehearsals. Helps address any prop problems that might occur during a performance. May assist Backstage Crew with scene shifts etc.

House Manager and House Crew

Is responsible for everything in front of the stage. Makes sure that the house is ready before any audience members arrive. Organizes the ushers to pass out programs, collect tickets and make sure that the house always remains safe and provides assistance to any audience members with wheelchairs. Generally responsible for a pleasant audience experience before, during and after the show.