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“Phantom of the Opera Duet

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Audition Packet

Welcome! Still Spots Open


 “…Far too many notes for my taste…”

Mrs. Wright and I want everyone auditioning to be relaxed and prepared and to have fun.

We want to help you do your best and enjoy being a part of this epic production.

There will be workshops posted on the website calendar. These workshops are not mandatory but we truly encourage you to attend these if you are able.

Open House – ALL MEMBERS September 14, 6:30-8:30

Cast Workshop all Members with Mr. Scarrone – September 26, 6:30-8:30

Auditions will be held on September 28th and 29th, you will need to secure a time slot on the website.

There will be 3 people in each slot allowing us more time with each student.

Call Backs are Saturday, September 30th 9:00-2:00 – Different Roles will be called back for different times. Bring a snack.

For your initial audition song you can sing a song of your choice in the manner of “The Phantom of the Opera” or a song from the show.

Call back selections are included in this packet.

Many roles will be doubles, as we did in “Les Miserable”

Phantom of the Opera Audition Form

This Form is for Beacon Players who are auditioning for the Spring Musical “Phantom of the Opera”

School Year(Required)
If you only use a school Email please use N/A in this field
If you do not have a cell phone, please put N/A in this space
Please check the role(s) that you would like to be considered for, note descriptions, these will also be reviewed at the workshop. **KEEP IN MIND MANY ROLES WILL DOUBLE and there are many singing and speaking roles in the Ensemble
9/28 is filled, we have opened slots on 9/29. There will be 3 people auditioning in each group. Should all slots be filled we will open new slots. If you have a special need or concern with a slot selection please let us know and we will try to accommodate.
Please select a time slot from the drop down below, once a slot is filled it will be removed from the list. There will be 3 people auditioning in each group. Should all slots be filled we will open new slots. If you have a special need or concern with a slot selection please let us know and we will try to accommodate.
Call Backs are Saturday September 30, 9:00 – 2:00(Required)
Are you able to attend Call Backs, we plan on Calling Back by Role so you may not be needed for the entire time.
If you are unable to attend Call Backs on September30th, please let us know why. If you are able, please enter N/A in the field.
Please let us know if you have any theatrical or dance experience OTHER than with the Beacon Players. Tell us the group, the role etc. If you don’t have any experience (it’s ok) just enter N/A
Please list any school activities, sports or other commitments and when they meet (do not list College visits) so that we can determine rehearsal schedules etc. if none, please note that.
I can attend Saturday Rehearsals when called
We realize that the rehearsal schedule is long and we will do our best to stagger rehearsals, if there are specific dates that you know you will not be available please let us know. Keep in mind that Thursday we normally do not have rehearsal until we get closer. if there are no dates you are aware of, please enter None
Parent/Guardian Name(Required)
If you can’t make Saturday rehearsals please let us know why and any other issues that would create a problem for you attending rehearsals ( if we know we can possibly work out scheduling) Should there be nothing, just enter N/A

Story Summary

Based on the 1910 horror novel by Gaston Leroux
The Phantom of the Opera is a thrilling and romantic account of the legendary Phantom, a musical genius who dwells deep beneath a majestic opera house in Paris. Shunned by society for his horrible facial deformity, he takes a promising young soprano, Christine, under his wing and grooms her for operatic fame, all the while falling deeply in love with her.
As Christine grows ever more successful, and a handsome young man from her past begins to successfully court her, the Phantom descends into a jealous rage and terrorizes the opera company with increasingly dangerous threats.
Andrew Lloyd Webber’s score soars with such famous tunes as ‘Think of Me,’ ‘All I Ask of You,’ ‘The Music of the Night,’ and the title song, ‘The Phantom of the Opera,’ and Phantom has gone on to become a cultural tour de force, and one of the most successful musicals of all time.

Click below for the Music Audition Package


Music Tracks

You can choose to use the tracks below or tracks that you have selected, or have created on your own. Just make sure that you bring those tracks to the audition or send them ahead to: For Roles not listed, you can sing any of the songs below or any song from the show.

Think of Me – Christine Only

Think of Me – Raoul Only

Think of Me – Christine & Raoul.

All I Ask of You – Raoul Only

All I Ask of You – Christine Only

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again – Christine –

Phantom – Music of the Night –

Carlotta, Firman, André – Prima Donna

List of Roles

The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom is masked to hide a facial deformity. He lives hidden beneath the Paris Opera House. He is a musical genius who falls in love with the young ingénue Christine who he gives music lessons through a mirror in her dressing room. He torments the diva Carlotta and the whole opera company. His teaching helps Christine to be promoted to a lead in the Opera’s productions. The Phantom is dynamic but mesmerizing, sensual but ghostly.

Audition song: Angel Excerpt, Music of the Night (Full Version)

Christine Daaé

Christine is the young ingénue. She begins as dancer, but as she has been taught by the Phantom she is given the chance to sing and becomes the star of the Opera. As was a young child she met a young boy, Raoul, and when they meet again at the opera they fall in love. Christine is best friends with Meg. Christine is young and vulnerable after the loss of her musician father. 

Audition song: Think of Me, Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again.

Vicomte Raoul de Chagny 

Raoul is the dashing, young lover. He knew Christine from her childhood and becomes smitten with her when they meet again. He is the rich patron of The Opera Company. He does his best to protect Christine, ending in a confrontation with The Phantom. 

Audition song: All I Ask of You.

Madame Giry

Madame Giry is the box keeper of the Opera and the ballet instructor. She is loyal to the Phantom and even displays fondness for him, as he leaves her gifts and promises to help her daughter succeed if Madame Giry obeys him. At one point, she is fired by the managers of the Opera, but she regains her position after the Phantom intervenes. While a darkness and mystery clouds her character, she cares deeply for those around her.

Audition song:Prima Donna”, “Masquerade”, “Backstage”, “Notes II”

Meg Giry 

(see also Ballet Chorus information) 

Meg is the young lead dancer in the corps de ballet. She is Christine’s best friend and it is she who volunteers Christine to sing when Carlotta quits the production. Her mother is the ballet mistress. 

Audition song: Where in the World.

Monsieur Gilles André

Andre is one of two new managers of the Paris Opera. He is more

sarcastic and worried about putting on a show. The Phantom to him is just a nuisance and he seems bothered by the drama that happens with Carlotta, Raoul, Christine, and everyone else.

Audition song: ManagersScene.

Richard Firmin

Firmin is the other new manager. He is serious and more worried about money and the business of the opera. He sees the Phantom and all the drama that surrounds the opera house as publicity. 

Audition song: ManagersScene.

Carolotta Giudicelli

Carlotta is the resident Opera Diva who plays all the leading roles. With Christine’s rising stardom her job is in jeopardy. Carlotta quits the production of Hannibal after the Phantom nearly hits her with a backdrop. She comes back to hear the managers beg for her to do the production of Il Muto. Carlotta is a true “drama queen” who feels threatened by Christine

Audition song: Hannibal Cadenza, Managers Scene (Prima Dona)

Ubaldo Piangi

Piangi is a classical opera singer with a really thick Italian accent. He is Carlotta’s counterpart and a diva in his own right. Think Pavarotti!

 Audition song: Don Juan (also sing the Passarino parts in this song).

ENSEMBLE (Speaking and sung roles)

Joseph Buquet

Buquet is an old stage hand. People think he’s strange because he claims to have seen the Phantom. He sings a song to the ballet girls describing how the Phantom looks. He is eventually killed by The Phantom.

Audition song: Excerpt #1, Excerpt #2, Masquerade.

Don Attilio – in Il Muto

Don Attilio is the Countess’s husband during the Il Muto performance. Some actors hold the word “her” for comedic purposes.

Audition song: Masquerade.

Passarino (in Don Juan Triumphant)

 Passarino is Don Juan’s sidekick. He lures Aminta to Don Juan. 

Audition song: Masquerade.

Monsieur Reyer

Monsieur Reyer is the répétiteur of the Opera Company. His main job is to run the rehearsals despite all divas. He is sarcastic and sort of a tyrant.

ENSEMBLE (Speaking only roles)


Spoken role

The Auctioneer begins the show auctioning pieces from the opera house, including props, posters, and the infamous chandelier. This is set in 1911, then takes us back to when the rest of the story takes place.

The Auctioneer is a speaking character with the longest monologue in the show.

Monsieur Lefevre

Spoken role

Monsieur Lefevre is the retiring manager of the Opera House. Even though we know why he decides to retire he is very certain not to mention it to the new managers. He leaves for Frankfurt and has no intention on returning.

Fire Chief

Adult. Spoken role

He is in charge of security during the Don Juan première. He blows the whistle and does the final sealing of the doors.


Spoken role

The Fireman says one word, “Sir”. They enter with the fire chief and just stand there with their metal helmets


Spoken role

The Marksman is the guy who shoots the gun from the pit.

ENSEMBLE (Non-speaking Roles)


The Princess stands in the background during the Hannibal scene. Audition song: Masquerade.

Madame Firmin

Madame Firmin is married to Monsieur Firmin. She is one of those great one word characters. Her word “Greedy”.

Innkeepers Wife

There’s an Inkeeper apparently, and he has a wife! 

Spanish Lady

There’s a Spanish lady too, but you won’t have to speak.


7/8 Roles

Some ballet training essential. Pointe shoes a bonus but not essential. Singing not necessary but an advantage.

1 Male. 18+

Strong, athletic, masculine. Strong pirouettes, tours and leaps. Singing not necessary but an advantage.


All ladies auditioning for the role of Meg must also attend dance class  for some ballet training, if no dance experience. Meg is a strong triple threat role. Pointe not necessary but an advantage.

All people auditioning for ensemble roles or ensemble need to sing ‘Masquerade’. Please choose the part appropriate to your voice – if unsure, listen to the tracks provided on line and sing the part most comfortable for your vocal range.