Publicity Meeting 1/11/23

  • Ticket raffle (+ popcorn + hot dog perhaps) at Foundation for Beacon Schools Mid-Winter Celebration, Feb 16 2023
  • Video Students welcome to come anytime for B-roll to put together a commercial / any type of promotional put-together
    • Doubles for a film festival idea
  • Marketing plan timeline notes:
    • Adults do road signs (!!)
    • There actually is another logo
      • It’s not that good
  • Ryan Dutcher ticket giveaways as well
    • We can go more than once this time
    • (They may cover the coffeehouse?)
  • Instagram Takeovers
    • Pester Wiles (!!)
  • Inviting the board at an April board meeting
  • Commemmorative program

Aladdin Concessions

  • Coffeehouse flyers 
  • Dress form with Les Mis shirt