Posted by on November 11, 2020

Hello Everyone, Last night our Search Committee met for almost two hours and arrived at several conclusions. We will all be trying to increase our growth over the next week, myself included for both Cast and Company. A concerted effort, Social Media, website, word of mouth, reaching out to all will be used. If anyone needs help from me or any advisor, please let us know. We also have decided that based on many discussions that so far the show that will probably work best for us will be the classic “Fiddler on the Roof” following the Jerome Robbins choreography and original direction.

Although we hope to be inside we need to be prepared to be outside again so we will be creating the entire village of Anatevka and the buildings will open to reveal the settings, the show essentially will be so realistic that our audience will feel a part of it. I will be setting up a meeting to discuss this vision after meeting with the Music Department, sets, lighting and costumes. We will be inviting siblings to join us to create “families” as part of this incredibly beautiful show.

Any questions please let me know. Please take a look at the write up, in addition there is a new documentary about the show on the MTI site “Miracle of Miracles”

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