The Younger Company

This opportunity will be open to grades 5th, 6th 7th & 8th but the number for each grade will be limited there is of course no cost.

Please complete the application at the bottom of the page.

The Younger Company will provide an opportunity for the Middle and Elementary students to come together to learn more about theater onstage and backstage and to join members of the Beacon Players. We have found this model to be a fun and effective way to learn, perform and enjoy many elements about theater.

This exciting troupe will work closely with their fellow members (cast) to put together a spectacular show within their age category. This show will be performed after the Middle School production, rehearsals etc. will be discussed.

Members of the Younger Company  will learn basic theater techniques such as stage direction, movement, dance, vocal performance, and acting skills while fostering creativity, confidence, and teamwork. 

Young performers learn the fundamental tools needed to develop their physical, vocal, and emotional range in a way that is both fun and playful, no pressure is ever applied and we will be holding non mandatory workshops which will be listed on the website and announced via THE YOUNGER COMPANY REMIND, all this will be discussed at the Younger Company Parent Meeting. 

We will have a meeting with all of our Younger Company parents to explain outside commitments, as well as what our plans will be. We will have a Younger Company production (to be determined) cast with only our Younger Company, to be performed at the High School. The Younger Company will not compete with the Middle School program. Early on, we will be meeting once weekly as plans develop.

Unlike the last time around, we will be more consistent with our schedule because we will be reviewing commitments to ensure that consistency. Parents or Guardians will be asked to help when needed.

Please make sure to attend the meeting which will be held in August (dates to be announced)

As far as the Beacon Players Spring production goes, we have decided against our original Spring plan of West Side Story, the Spring show now will be The Phantom of the Opera. There are a few roles for our Younger Company in the show. In addition to their own production.