Beacon Player’s Membership Support

Help support Beacon Players, You will help support the organization, and will be entitled to discounts on tickets to Beacon Players performances.

Becoming a Supporter is quick and easy! It allows you to make a donation to the organization, and provides you with both recognition for your support, as well as a level of discounts on tickets to our events. Membership is available at 6+ levels. Membership is valid for 1 year from date of purchase. Our Beacon Benefactor subscription is valid for 2 years, you will receive the the Marquee Maestro recognition for all shows for those years. Simply click on the button below, and become a Beacon Players Supporter! Your donation helps keep Beacon Players strong, and helps us to continue bringing you great shows. Thanks for supporting Beacon Players!

Membership Support LevelsBeacon Buddy
Seeger Supporter
Broadway Bound
Spotlight Sponsor
Director’s Circle
Marquee Maestro
Car Magnet ******
Name Recognition in the Program for Each Production *****
2 Free Tickets to Every Production for the Year  ****
Priority Access to Choose Those Seats One Week Prior To Release to the Public   ***
Reserved Parking for the Performance    *
A Show Shirt     *