Beacon Players Younger Company

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Beacon Players are very excited to announce the formation of The Younger Company for our Middle School students, after this summer’s Enrichment Program, Summer on Stage, and seeing amazingly engaged students, we wanted to expand on our usual invitation for a Youth Cast.

In creating a Younger Company, our goal will be to educate, inspire and grow in a safe and fun environment. We welcome students from 7th and 8th grades to be a part of the Beacon Players Cast and Crews.

We are a supportive and safe place that teaches young people meaningful life skills, builds their self-esteem and fosters their creativity.

It is of course necessary to always maintain academic standards to participate and because our schedules do not interfere with the drama program at the Middle School we encourage participation in their productions.

Those that are interested in our cast, will not be asked to audition but will be asked their preferences albeit singing dancing acting or everything (which is the usual response.)

Students that are interested in our various crews we will be working with our current members and our Advisors learning as well as being an important part of our organization.

The Beacon Players Stage Crew creates intense technical effects with elaborate sets pieces. As part of stage crew, students work with numerous design elements: lighting, sound, carpentry, projections, and machinery All with oversight by the advisors and mentors.

Each member of stage crew plays in important role in creating an excellent production. With that in mind, students in the stage crew are totally committed to the cause. It is the responsibility of each stage crew member to adhere to the safety rules, attend stage crew meetings, and be present at all agreed on performances. We want to make this a great experience for all our members and have found through the years that so many of our Younger Company continue with the Beacon Players throughout their High School careers.
Please fill out the form below and we will contact you and our Younger Company Members and we can go from there.

Any questions, please let us know.

Some Thoughts From Parents:

The Beacon Players is an amazing organization that has given my daughter(s) their niche, their safe space, the place that makes them feel welcome. It is my oldest’s favorite activity in school–it’s her “happy place.” When my oldest first hesitantly joined, I wasn’t sure how she would like it. When a 3 day weekend came along, she spent all her time painting rock band flyers with coffee to age them and make them look old instead of being glued to a screen watching stupid YouTube videos. I couldn’t believe it–spending three days creating some props for a high school show? It was then that I knew this group was gold! For that alone I am thrilled.

After the conclusion of Godspell, she shared this: “When I looked out of the window going to my next class and saw our stage, I was so sad..I just wanted to go to drama and hang out with my peeps!” The Players often go through a withdrawal of sorts when productions end and practices are over because they miss the camaraderie. Kids have the chance to form bonds and friendships across all grades.

The Players have also brought my family of 4 closer together. This past spring RENT became a family affair as my husband helped on set crew and saw what a terrific organization The Players are. He’s got a Players shirt now, and is ready for the next show. 🙂

Recently, my youngest had a chance to go to the Beacon Players’ summer enrichment program, and I am so excited that she loved it. The older students took the younger ones under their wings, from acting to lights, sound and more. Instead of bickering at home, they’re talking about their experiences at drama and actually getting along! Now as a 7th grader, she cannot wait until she can participate.


Our daughter’s participation in Beacon Players continues to resonate in her life as an adult. The life skills a child learns when they participate in Drama Club are not to be underestimated – collaboration, organization, meeting deadlines – all things that a person needs to be successful in the world. Confidence, joy, community and lasting friendships round out the list. Not to mention exposure to literary works, movement and music. Our daughter thrived as a member of the Beacon Players, and we are grateful that she had the opportunity to be a part of it during her high school years.